Light weight robust solution Drill-Down and Drill-Through Capabilities Out of the box features supporting cooperatives in all over the country Adjustment and Manual Entries
Enhancing business coverage and profitability Multilayer’s Security Save Money & Time Through mobile App Control and monitoring different organizational level
Browser Based Web Interface Member Assessment and Credit Scoring Scalable with the data volumes grow and can process faster than traditional solutions. Add on modules – Smart enterprise
Flexibility to add new fields without technical intervention Reducing costs through mixed mode deployment – centralized and decentralized Multilingual support with existing implementations Configurable reports

  1. Save Money & Time Through mobile App: Co-op360 drastically reduces the organizations overall cost of reporting at branch and consolidation at area, zone or head office level by eliminating the need of resource expenditure, like paper, printing and shipping, human resource and entertainment cost. Co-op360 mobile app allows the organizations to achieve new levels of efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction faster and easier than ever before. This app and web based application allows the user to generate not only the daily reports but also the yearly reports within seconds, which also save money and time for the organization.
  2. Browser Based Web Interface: Co-op360 is a centralized server based, end-to -end enterprise solution with a powerful and comprehensive browser based web interface. The solution thus eliminates hardware requirements on the partner side for running the application.
  3. Performance: The core objective of Co-op360 architecture is to optimize processing time. The system scales effectively as data volumes grow and can process reports much faster than traditional online solutions. Co-op360 provides management and field workers with easier and faster access to all reports and monitor from their level via a single centralized report repository.
  4. Customizable: Co-op360 is a customizable application that allows user to create his/her own environment. Starting from organization setup till report structure can be customized here. Multi-lingual feature enhances the understandability of user for smooth operation.
  5. Drill-Down and Drill-Through Capabilities: Co-op360 provides users with drill-down and drill-through capabilities that make reporting much easier, faster and interconnected. Users can view a report to its full-depth with the help of expandable sections that provide deeper insight into consolidated figures. Co-op360 also provides the functionality to link content from one report to another for verification.
  6. Adjustment / Manual Entries: Data values cannot be changed once authorized by superior personnel. In some cases adjustment/ manual entries are required for correction in concern with management level personnel. The system provides management level users with facility to cater for adjustment/manual entries and the system picks these entries during the re-processing of the report.
  7. Security: Co-op360 is highly security driven system with the following security control:
    • Application level security refers to user level security services including role based access (user role, authorization, transaction limit, menu, interface, reports etc.), password security (password length, expiry etc.)
    • Database level security refers to system, processes and procedures that protect the database from unintended activity including access control, auditing and data encryption.
  8. Auditing: The system facilitates enabling/blocking of user based upon their IP addresses. All activities can be tracked and mentioned through the user ID and IP address and complete audit train and logs are available which enable the organization to carry out following tasks:
    • Audit log monitoring generations of automatic logs for errors and notification, logs for event occurrence and financial/non-financial transactions, data update/delete/insert, user access modification etc.
    • Centralized auditing allows for maintenance and viewing of all logs on the central server with the ability to run queries on them for accurate reporting.
  9. Member Assessment/Credit Scoring: Co-op360 serves as Credit Bureau for partner organizations with following facilities:
    • Unique borrower identification.
    • Risk management
    • Overlapping identification
    • Platform independent operation to feed multiple data source from the organizations’
  10. Co-op360 SMS Service: In today’s fast business environment to cope with the deadlines we need convenient technological support, we need an account ‘that travels with you’. Co-op360 has introduced the SMS service to access your account conveniently from anywhere and at any time Facility for its clients.
    • Service confirmation, reminder, daily Status, notifications and customize SMS according to the client.

  • Well trained Business Support Specialists with vast knowledge in business domain monitor real time client side activities.
  • Each client is dealt by a dedicated Specialist to provide application, technical or even business related supports for our entire portfolio of solutions.
  • Our professional Support Specialist Team is dedicated to address the challenges to implement automation in business, find ways to mitigate business or IT operation risk.
  • On/off-site training is offered to educate our clients on solution with standard training materials.
  • FAQ, Online training manual embedded with application to help our clients a way out whenever they stuck.

To understand how we can help you to maximize your organization’s investment on technology, write to us at bizdev@datasoft-bd.com or co-op360@datasoft-bd.com