Web-based Integrated MIS & AIS

  • Fully real time web based solution. No need for separate data synchronization
  • “High gain antenna” available for boosting up connectivity in collaboration with mobile operators
  • Supports desktop version in absence of connectivity. Facilitates data synchronization using any sort of media
  • Users are able to process and manage data at the institutional level, both at central offices and in remote locations
  • No need to invest on costly data centers. The entire application is hosted in our lightening first and secure data center
  • Reduce processing time by 200%
  • Improve overall organizational efficiency and profitability
  • Easy and faster migration process with fail-over mechanism
  • Remote access to get information anytime anywhere
  • Mobile/Tab friendly application
  • Dash-board driven information of Cooperatives and all its branches
  • Easy and centralized administration
  • Supports customization all the way through application as per organization policy
  • Auto ID configuration for Branch, samity/center, member, loan and savings, employee, vouchers, Cooperatives compliant reports
  • Track financial transactions and create reports for management, donors, and regulators
  • Become more systematic in their operating procedures in order to handle a much larger volume of information
  • Establish transparency and good governess
  • More than 100 parameterized daily, weekly, monthly and date range wise reports and registers
  • Low bandwidth friendly – suitable for remote places using GP/Banglalink/Robi/Teletalk networks
  • Integrated core modules:
    • Management Information System (MIS)
    • Accounting Information System (AIS)
    • Human Resource Management (HRM)

MIS: Employee, Member/Clients, Groups, Samity/Centers

All features related to the creation and management of these entities and their movement through a state process flow (pending approval, approved/active, closed, canceled).

  • Uniqueness check for clients as per national ID. If not available, uniqueness checked by name & birth date
  • Loan cycle configurable product/member wise
  • Support for client photos
  • Member transfer among samities and/or branches
  • Memberwise detail profile with loan and savings transaction behavior
  • Branch-level & Samity/Center level holiday configuration
  • Cooperative’s staff and borrowers details
  • Cooperative’s working area information up to village level
  • Automated Cooperative members Loan and Saving information
  • All types of transactional Information
  • Execute Day End process for closing Transaction.
  • Validation and authorization process before day end to ensure correct data entry
  • Primary product transfer validation
  • Supports configurable features for inactive members
  • Field officer / PO change facility with transferred statement
  • Samity/center day change

MIS: Loan Products & Loan Accounts

  • Define unlimited number of loan product types with customizable repayment behavior
  • Interest calculations:
    • Flat
    • Declining balance – equal monthly installments (EMI)
    • Declining balance – equal principal installments
    • Declining balance – Index Based
  • Loan-wise predefined schedule preparing
  • Able to create CC loan Accounts
  • Ability to schedule loan disbursals and repayments independent of meeting schedules
  • Loan defaults based on previous loan amounts or cycle
  • Define grace periods for loan repayments
  • Support for periodic fees, fees deducted at disbursement, one-time fees, and penalty charges
  • Support for early & partial loan repayments with rebate facility
  • Display of loan repayment schedules and detail loan account activity pages
  • Automatic update of repayment schedule if client/group’s meeting day changes
  • Variable loan installments
  • Support for adjustments
  • Allows loan write off
  • Automatically change loan account state
  • Repay total loan at any point in loan cycle
  • Add notes to loan records
  • Support for loan rescheduling
  • Support for back-dated payments with automatic voucher update
  • Ability to generate voucher and receipts directly from loan account page

MIS: Shares Product & Shares Accounts

  • Define an unlimited number of Share Products
  • Add notes to Shares record
  • Auto mandatory Shares create when member gets admission

MIS: Savings Product & Savings Accounts

  • Define an unlimited number of savings products
  • Set-up “Voluntary” or “Mandatory” accounts with specific minimum deposits for mandatory accounts and “suggested” deposits for voluntary accounts
  • Add notes to savings record
  • Saving interest auto calculation
  • Auto mandatory savings create when member gets admission

MIS: Search & Browse for Clients & Accounts

Search for client, group, and center by name or system ID. Includes support for “like” searches (i.e., searching for “S” will display all clients with first and last names that start with S.
Search for loan or savings account by account ID
Search option with date range, prefix, product wise etc.

AIS: Support for Auto & Manual Voucher Generation

  • Dashboard driven module that provides information of Cooperative/individual branches
  • Auto voucher code configuration
  • Search voucher by prefix/suffix/transaction date etc.
  • All MIS financial transactions triggers auto accounting vouchers
  • System allows manual vouchers for regular expenditures and other operations
  • Fund transfer among branches
  • Supports budget/budget variance
  • Supports dig down report to get track of transactions
  • Prevents unauthorized back dated data entry
  • Supports up to unlimited depth level in chart of accounts
  • Supports donor loan managment and scheduling
  • Supports all the major financial reports like:
    • Trial Balance
    • Receipt-Payment Statement
    • Income Statement
    • Balance Sheet
    • Cash flow statement
    • Ledger reports
    • Daily Transactions
    • Bank and Cash Book
    • Fund transfer
    • Subsidiary ledger report
    • Notes to balance sheet and more..

Admin: System Users, Permissions, and Data Scope

  • Create, modify and delete roles with associated permissions
  • Create system users, assign users to an office and assign roles & permissions to system users
  • Transfer a user to a different office

Admin: Setup, Configuration & Localization

  • Support for Bangla and English. Easy to localize to other languages
  • Ability to specify all install-time configurations
  • User-interface to configure system configurations
  • Specify supported payment types (cash, voucher, checks)
  • Define unlimited custom fields for client, group, center, accounts and system users
  • Ability to schedule holidays and loan moratoriums (office and branch-wide) and have loan, savings, and fee schedules automatically updated